Streets Youth Mini Shred

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Young skiers and riders showed off their tricks at this year's Streets Mini Shred comp, sponsored by Bolle, Tararua Iced Coffee and Streets Ice Cream.
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Snowboard 16 under male 1st Mitchell Davern 2nd Charlie Hay 3rd Ronan Thompson.
Snowboard 14 under male 1st Daniel Bohine 2nd Ryusei Wakashima 3rd Ethan Cruise.
Snowboard 12 under male 1st Zephyr Lovelock 2nd Roman Alty 3rd Anru Wakashima.
Ski 16 under male 1st Ben Harrington 2nd Manu Barnard.
Ski 14 under male 1st Anton Cousins 2nd Michael Coutts 3rd Oban Hansen.
Ski 12 under male 1st Logan Watkinson 2nd Jasper Bloomfield 3rd Jed Ebsworth.
Snowboard 14 under female 1st Liv Redman 2nd Victoria Winstanley.
Snowboard 12 under female 1st Cool Wakashima 2nd Hannah White 3rd Tobi White.
Ski 14 under female 1st Maggie Little.
Ski 12 under female 1st Mia Shaw 2nd Holly Ingram 3rd Kristen Blackley

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